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4K Screening Information

4K Screenings
If your child will be 4 years old before September 1st and you would like to have your child screened for 4K placement in Spartanburg School District Six, please contact the elementary school that you are zoned for based on your address. 4K does not have school choice. 

If you wish for your child to be screened for the next school year, we will begin taking appointments in April.

The schools and contact numbers are:
Anderson Mill Elementary School: 576-6539
Arcadia Elementary School: 576-1371 
Jesse S. Bobo Elementary School: 576-2085
Fairforest Elementary School: 439-5000 
Lone Oak Elementary School: 503-9088 
Pauline Glenn Springs Elementary School: 583-1868 
Roebuck Elementary School: 576-6151 
Woodland Heights Elementary School: 576-0506
West View Elementary School: 576-1833 

If you are concerned about developmental delays for your 3 or 4 year old
If you have a three or four year old and are concerned that he/she is not meeting developmental milestones, please contact the Child Development Center at 576-4886 and ask to speak with Beth Thomas to schedule your screening appointment. Children may be served in preschool classes if our school psychologist identifies developmental delays in speech/language, motor skills, social/behavior, and/or academic skills. Services are available as early as the child's third birthday.

When you come for your scheduled screening, please bring the following items with you:
Child’s Birth Certificate
Child’s Immunization Record
Proof of Residence (must be a deed, rental agreement, or lease agreement)
Proof of any services received from DSS (TANF, SSI, Medicaid)
Verification of income