4K Program Information

Will your child turn four years old on or before September 1, 2022?

How to Apply            

  •          Complete an Online Application                                                          
  •          Submit Required Documentation
  •          Schedule a Screening Appointment Online

Required Documentation

(In order to determine eligibility, the following must be submitted online or at your child's screening appointment)


  •             Child’s Birth Certificate
  •             SC Certificate of Immunization
  •                Proof of Residence (deed, property tax receipt, or lease – A bill is not considered valid proof of residence.)
    •               Please note: If you (student/guardian) are temporarily residing with an adult friend or family member, within the school district’s attendance area; the adult resident with whom you live, must provide proof of residency as well as contact the Child Development Center (CDC) to schedule an appointment to sign an affidavit.
  •           Parent/Guardian Photo ID
  •          Proof of any services received from DSS (Medicaid, TANF, SSI)
  •          Verification of Income (Child’s Medicaid card OR Tax Return, pay stub(s) or W2(s) for each person bringing income into the household)

Placement Information

  •          Completing the D6 4K Application does not guarantee enrollment.
  •         The Spartanburg School District Six Virtual Program is not available to 4K students.
  •          There is NO SCHOOL CHOICE in D6 for 4K students; parents may not request particular schools, regardless of sibling attendance.
  •          Acceptance to the D6 4K Program will be considered based on CERDEP eligibility requirements.
  •         Eligible 4K students will be placed at either the Child Development Center or his or her zoned school, based on availability.
  •         Once the District makes placement decisions, parents will be notified of acceptance by letter, indicating D6 4K program acceptance and school placement OR placement on the D6 4K waiting list.
  •          Applications will not be processed, unless ALL required documentation has been submitted to the Child Development Center.
There are 2 steps to complete the 4K application process. Complete online application and schedule your 4K screening......
Step 1: Please click the following link for the online application process.
Step 2: Please click the following link to schedule your 4K screening appointment.

For More Information

Call 864-595-2424 or 864-576-4886 Email [email protected]  

Enrollment is based on SC Child Early Reading Development Program (CERDEP) eligibility guidelines regarding age and income.